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Tag: 3M 1600T Double Coated PE Foam Tape

3M 1600T Double Coated PE Foam Tape

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  • 3M 1600T Double Coated PE Foam Tape (Double Tape) tebal (1.0 mm) size (24mm x 4m)

    Rp 18.500,00

    3M 1600T Double Coated Foam Tape (General Purpose) Gray, 24 mm x 4 m (Double Tape)

    Double Foam Tape Polyethylene tebal 1 mm untuk aplikasi umum penempelan di dalam ruangan ( Interior Mounting / Joining ) dan automotive trim.

    1mm thick PolyEthylen Foam, 70C temperature resistance, for indoor general bonding

    Applications ideas :

    – Bond Plastic Hooks, Racks and Dispensers

    – Mount Display Case, Nameplates, Appliances

    – Wire and Cable clips

    – Appliance, Display Case, and Electronics Equipment Trim

    – Automotive Trim

    – Point of Purchase and other Displays

    – General purpose Joining/Mounting

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